Walk through
your floor Plans with big plans

Conceptualise your house before it’s built, immerse yourself in the space as your floor plans come to life.

Big Plans has been purposely developed for design professionals, homeowners who are building or renovating and off-the-plan buyers/sellers. It’s an informal, multi-purpose facility to experience floor plans — at actual size.



Ensure your home is built to perfection, get a feel of the space before it’s built.


Book a time and date for your appointment with us at Big Plans.

Our staff will project your floor plans onto our open space warehouse.

Walk through and experience your life size plan room by room.

Make changes to your plans in real time, ensure your plans are perfect.



Big Plans
For Residential to Professionals

Big Plans creates an interactive virtual display suite on a one to one scale designed to help real estate agents, builders, developers & architects market and sell unbuilt properties faster.


Building, renovating or landscaping?

Get it right before you start building. Individuals and families who are building or renovating can make great use of Big Plans.

Architect, retail or hospitality interior designer?

Trial your designs, accelerate decision making and reduce risk. Big Plans is beneficial and ideal for a wide range of design professionals.


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