big plans
for INDIVIDUALS and families

Get it right before you start building, saving time and money!


building, renovating or landscaping

See your floor plans in action, experience your space in real time before it’s built.

Get it right (before you start building)

Looking at floor plans for the very first time is an exciting first milestone with any new home build or renovation. But floor plans can be deceiving. Are the rooms too big? Too small? Sizes and distances can change dramatically when experienced at actual size. Up until now, there’s been few effective ways to move from theoretical floor plans to real-size proportions. Plotting out a design is the missing step in the design process. It just makes sense.


Reduce time, save money

Developing and deciding on a final floor plan can be a lengthy experience that blows out costs — before you’ve even started building. And as we all know, decisions made up front — especially on floor plans — will have an enormous influence on the end result. Fast-tracking the decision making process can be a highly beneficial time-saving exercise that can improve your design, reduce overall project duration and save money.


Walk it through, talk it through

Big Plans is the quick and easy way to help translate a design into the real-world. Use it to improve your design and side-step the stress and anxiety that is common with building and renovating. Walk it through, and talk it through — experience your design at actual size, fast-track decisions and enjoy the experience.