Big Plans is ideal for architects, residential interior designers, landscape designers, commercial interior designers, retail designers, hospitality designers, mechanical plant room designers and many more. Sessions can be with, or without your client.

Client, Architect walk-through.

Client, Architect walk-through.



A session with your client can be an enjoyable, trust-building experience that ultimately saves you time.

Walk it through, talk it through

Big Plans is an informal, relaxed experience that can help build trust between you and your client. Face-to-face discussions, removed from the confines of an office environment can prove highly effective in improving communication and building trust. And there’s no substitute to seeing things at actual size and getting an accurate sense of space — proving valuable in the long run.


Reduced design time

As a design professional, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the back-and-forth that can prove exhausting for both designer and client alike. Especially towards the end. A single session at Big Plans — with your client — provides the ideal environment for design professionals to ultimately prove the integrity of designs in a real-world setting. Accelerated decision-making reduces overall design time.


Benefits beyond the project

Reputation, word-of-mouth marketing and referrals are generally the number one source of new business for design professionals. And as we all know, the Melbourne design scene is highly competitive. Informal and collaborative, and certainly memorable, a Big Plans experience with a client might just prove valuable beyond the project itself.


The missing part of the design process

A session without your client can fulfil a missing part of the design process

We all enjoy developing countless concept designs on screen or in a notepad. But up until now, there’s been few effective ways to move from small line drawings to actual-size proportions. Experience helps, of course. But whether it be optimising spaces, assessing people’s movements or simply getting a feel for how a design translates to the real-world, accurately plotting out a design in actual size just makes sense. 

Test ideas, reduce risk

Design professionals all enjoy pushing the boundaries in new and innovative designs. But with this comes risk. If it hasn’t been done before, how can you be sure you’ve nailed it? Walking through a new design — at actual size — can help eliminate educated guesses and increase the chances of success from every angle, all the time maximising every centimetre of space. 


Enjoy a point of difference

Melbourne is a creative place, with many great architects. It can be hard to stand out. Big Plans is looking to partner with architects and interior designers on a reduced-rate, semi-permanent basis whilst providing a genuine point of difference to their practice. It’s a difference that design practices can promote, whilst providing a memorable experience for clients.


Augmented & Virtual Reality

Deliver your vision like never before in the Big Plans AR/VR walk-through experience. The 2D floor plan in 1:1 scale now has Augment or Virtual Reality to complement your experience, create walls, windows, views & furniture. At Big Plans we are redefining the true walk-through experience for Professionals and their Clients.


Untethered Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality experience.

Untethered Virtual Reality, walk freely in your Floor Plan.

Untethered Virtual Reality, walk freely in your Floor Plan.