FOR Builders

Remove the never ending consultations and customer doubts of design in one or two walk-through sessions.


Build Trust with your Clients

A session with your client can be an enjoyable, trust-building experience that ultimately saves you time.

For Builders the construction process provides many challenges along the way, one being the design process and communication with customers back a forth. On many occasions this process extends beyond the design phase and into the actual build stage, making changes to a property during the build phase is not only expensive but time consuming for both the Builder and Client. Big Plans can offer prospective Builders and their Customers a tailored design or sales experience, proving why building with you is genuinely better the better option.

Establish a presence near Melbourne CBD

With many display homes and builders’ offices spread across Melbourne’s outer suburbs, customers can find the process of assessing which builder to use inconvenient and exhausting. Big Plans allows spec home builders to meet prospective customers near where they work and play. Located in North Melbourne, minutes from the CBD, close to freeways and public transport, it’s a convenient, controlled, relaxed environment free from distractions. For prospective customers who don’t enjoy spending their time criss-crossing the outer suburbs, a quick visit to Big Plans can be easy.


Reduce capital costs

As every builder knows, tying up valuable capital in display homes is problematic. Sure, it highlights build quality to prospective customers. But as a single layout, it does nothing to showcase the rest of your floor plan range, all-the-while tying up important cash flow for years. Big Plans can be the circuit-breaker – allowing builders to reduce the volume of display homes, whilst showcasing a full range of plans at actual-size. And potentially it can offer some builders the environment to regularly meet clients, ultimately allowing them to dispense with their office / meeting space.


Multiple floor plans, in quick succession

Many customers struggle to visualise the end product, constantly grappling with scale and proportion, leading to an unnecessarily long sales process. Big Plans is the perfect way to accelerate the process by experiencing multiple floor plans, at actual size, in quick succession. It’s about making decisions, faster.


Manage variations in real time

Big Plans provides the perfect environment to display floor plans whilst you develop them. Our purpose-built, air-conditioned office is the ideal space to discuss, and make variations to your plans. And within a few seconds, you can walk them through and talk them through.


Enjoy a point of difference

Melbourne is awash with spec home builders. Standing out from the crowd, particularly in such a cost-sensitive sector, can be difficult. Big Plans provides a genuine point of difference to spec home builders. It’s a difference that not only provides a memorable experience for clients, but can be used to promote new business.


Walk it through, talk it through

Big Plans is an informal, relaxed experience that can help build trust between you and your client. Face-to-face discussions, removed from the confines of an office environment can prove highly effective in improving communication and building trust. And there’s no substitute to seeing things at actual size and getting an accurate sense of space — proving valuable in the long run.


Reduced design time

As a Builder, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the back-and-forth that can prove exhausting for both yourself and client alike. A single session at Big Plans — with your client — provides the ideal environment for Builders to ultimately prove the integrity of the design in a real-world setting. Accelerated decision-making process, reduce overall design & Build time and ultimately a happy Customer.