life size floor plans

Conceptualise your house before it’s built, immerse yourself in the space as your plans come to life.


Big Plans
Floor Plan Projection

See your floor plans in a one to one project, immense yourself in the space before you build it!

Set in a large warehouse-style space, Big Plans is conveniently located in North Melbourne. It’s an informal, multi-purpose facility to experience floor plans — at actual size. It’s the perfect place to collaborate, refine ideas and even develop new ones.

Big Plans has been purposely developed for design professionals, homeowners who are building or renovating and off-the-plan buyers/sellers. With a large staging area and a separate boardroom-style collaboration room, it can accommodate working teams of up to 10 people.  

Cutting edge equipment and software combines to project floor plans of any size in remarkable clarity. Mix this with real-world furniture, available on-site, and you have a remarkably perfect scenario to bring floor plans to life.